My First Post: Freelance Writer for Sale

This should serve as a declaration or mission statement, I suppose. Well, the purpose is simply this: I’m here to sell myself. My freelance writing skills, my voice, my brand, every space on this page, my morality, my loyalty, everything. It’s all for sale.

We all tend to sell ourselves anyway, right? We sell our time and our energy working for someone else… making money for someone else. So why can’t I sell my time and energy working for myself… making money for myself?

So there it is potential audience. I’m for sale.

I’ll be adding content to the blog as I wish, and I’m not sure yet what that will always constitute exactly, but that one founding principle will always stand. Everything here is for sale.

If you’ll pay me to sell your goggles made for dogs or your iFart app, I will certainly do it.

Doggles ILS Small Metallic Black Frame and Smoke Lens

Lawn aerator shoes? Yeah, sure. I’ll sell that. Pay me.

Ohuhu Lawn Aerator Shoes /Spikes Aerator Sandals for Aerating Your Lawn or Yard

Oh, it’s coffee, but you rub it on your skin? That’s a creative way to sell coffee… sure, I’ll sell it.

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub – The Number 1 Australian Coffee Scrub

Brain pills? Why, yes, Dr. Tobias. Of course I’ll sell your “brain pills”. Let me know when the organic garlic-based vampire repellent is available. I’ll sell that, too.

Dr. Tobias Brain Function Support for Focus, Clarity & Memory. Nootropic Smart Choice

I don’t know what this blog is yet or what it could be become, but the one guiding principle is this: Everything here is for sale.

Spy pens?! Hell yes. Let’s all spy on each other!

Premium Full 1080p HD Hidden Camera Spy Pen BUNDLE 16GB SD Micro Card + USB card Reader + 7 INK FILLS + updated battery + USB Plug! – Record Executive Multifunction DVR. Perfect Gift – Easy to Use

Or we could just pretend to overtly spy on each other!

Masione 4 Pack Outdoor Fake/ Dummy Security Camera w/ Blinking Light CCTV Surveillance (Silver)

Goodbye, soul.

Alright, who else is buying?